The Irony In Human Freedom And The Concept Of Determinism

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Having the topic of freedom concerns me a lot because it is certainly a tough thing to tackle and honestly in my 17 years of living I don’t really know if I’m capable of discussing such crucial concept in lined with my chosen philosopher. In contradiction with this, I want to challenge myself if I have this “philosopher capability” to oppose and fight the different concepts in the world regarding freedom specifically the notion of Rene Descartes.

Significance of the Topic
First and foremost, the significance of this topic, “The Irony in Human Freedom and the Concept of Determinism” is to create a paper containing my thoughts, comprehension and evidences of opposition against the made revolving concepts of freedom specifically the notion of Rene …show more content…

Descartes on Human Freedom
Having consider that Rene Descartes believed the presence of human freedom, it is not discernible and clear what he held this freedom to consist in. Following to Descartes’s argument that man are the supreme source of human mistake or error and certainly not God based on the Fourth Meditation, he offers and presents an interpretation of the activity of the human will and how it may be described as free will. Assumed that Descartes discusses the “freedom of choice” and will as similar and compatible in his argument, critics opt to emphasis on it to know Descartes’s certain notions on human freedom.
Descartes illustrates an analogy between human will and the divine, stressing that it is human will which is utmost perfect function because it lets them to “bear in some way the image and likeness of God” (CSM 2:40). Rene Descartes understands and identifies that God’s will is certainly much higher than man’s own in power. Though, Descartes also confesses that regardless of this, God’s will “does not seem any greater than mine when considered as will in the essential and strict sense.” (CSM 2:40)
b. Descartes’ Concept on

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