The Is A Friend Without A Cellphone

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Name a friend without a cellphone. I dare you because if you under the age of thirty five that 's nearly impossible. We have always been warned: don’t trust the internet, it is a shield to hide behind. But what if everyone now is hiding behind that shield? 75% of all teens own a cell phone and 73% of online teens have used a social networking site (Carroll & Kirkpatrick 2011) Today our entire world consists of extreme usage of technology; it is integrated into our movements, our plans, our mornings and nights, it is simply becoming us. No wonder the over usage of phones as a form of communication, justification and stimulation is moulding how we are as people. I am targeting the adolescent age group, predominantly young girls between the…show more content…
With the obsession with the cellphone, that has access to internet at all times, gives anyone a look inside everyone’s life whenever you feel like it, through apps such as instagram and snapchat. A recent survey found that “almost all U.S. teens (95%) aged 12 through 17 are online, compared to only 78% of adults. Of these teens, 80% have profiles on social media sites, as compared to only 64% of the online population aged 30 and older” (Lenhart et al., 2011). Many people check instagram ( and snapchat, which now receives 10 billion video views per day. (Shinder, 2016) How could the applications not affect its users? Moreover, young girls and boys have been determined to use social media for different reasons. “Similarly, in their visual presentations girls most often choose pictures that indicate a desire to appear attractive and sexually appealing, while for boys the patterns are less clear. Both genders’ choices of pictures for self-presentation can be seen to reflect sexualized media portrayals.” (Herring, and Kapidzic, 2015) In addition, girls are more likely to use the internet, therefore more likely to be influenced “Girls on average spend more time on social network sites and use them more actively than boys do” (Brenner, 2012; Rideout et al., 2010) Therefore Kylie Jenner being the eighth most followed person on instagram, for doing what exactly? You guessed it:
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