The Is A New Mother Or Father

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Imagine you are a new mother or father. The pure joy and fear of this new adventure can be very overwhelming. Seeing that bright smile on your little ones face and the light in their eyes. Now picture the worst thing to ever happen. You go into you little bundle of joys room to check on them. You expect to see their chest moving up and down, but instead you see a blue limp form that is your baby. Fear overwhelms you. You cry out for help and call 911. The dispatcher on the other end of the phone tells you that help is on the way. You hope to hear sirens screaming into the night and you hope to hear it soon. You put your faith in those paramedics and that they will be at your home soon and to help your little one. Seconds seem like minutes. Hours seem like days. Finally you hear tires screeching, a police officer, who was right down the road came to see if he could help. Alas, most police officers are not trained in CPR and have no advanced medical knowledge. You plead with him, inquiring where the ambulance or fire truck is. He sadly informs you that the ambulance that usually responds to this area is tied up on another run. They would have been here before him, but they were taking care of a non-emergent problem. Someone wants to go to the hospital because their foot has been hurting for a week now, and they decided now was the time to go to the ER. I wish this were a made up story. I wish I could say things like this don’t happen that often. Unfortunately, the abuse and
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