The Is A Realist Strategy Will Not Be Beneficial When Dealing With A Refugee Crisis

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Cohen argues against realism in his article, saying that a realist strategy will not be beneficial when dealing with a refugee crisis. Realists tend to not look at a situation in terms of emotion and instead always think of themselves and their own governments’ endgame. This dismisses human suffering altogether unless it is affecting the realist himself. For liberal strategies, there are options such as: cooperation, furthering democracy, and collective action. Cooperation would entail all of the countries involved in a refugee crisis acting together. This would include the transit country, the emigration country, and the immigration country. All of these countries working together and cooperating would ultimately make the process of refugees seeking asylum an easier one. This could even eliminate human suffering in terms of human trafficking due to the fact that a refugee would normally attempt to emigrate illegally. The next strategy, furthering democracy, in theory, should help to make the refugee’s home country more livable and substantially raise the living condition. However, in the case of Myanmar and the Rohingyas, this is not true because that democracy decided to suppress certain minorities. The final strategy would be collective action. Other countries not just including the transit country, the immigration country, and the emigration country, but rather an organization of action countries, such as the United Nations, could pressure the countries at fault into
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