The Is An Educator That Pedagogically Aligns His Method Of Instruction With Progressive Education

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Alfie Kohn is an educator that pedagogically aligns his method of instruction with progressive education. What is progressive education? In the attempt to explain what a progressive education embodies, we must first observe the traditional approaches to education. For example, in a traditional educational setting, the teacher is the ultimate leader in the classroom. The teacher controls classroom expectations, sets rigid curriculum many times disconnected to the lived experiences of the students in the classroom, and positions a learning system in which students robotically memorize information for the sole of testing where information is merely to be regurgitated. In a couple of weeks, if days after, students do not retain this information because it lacks meaning, connection, and relevancy. Students are not able to connect to the information that they have just learned. So, we should ask ourselves, “Are our students learning for the love of learning, or learning for the purpose of testing?” Alfie Kohn in, “Progressive Education Why It’s Hard to Beat, But Also Hard to Find,” conveys progressive education as “the thoughtful school practices that include hands-on learning, multiage classrooms, and mentor-apprentice relationships.” A progressive education includes having collaborating activities with students to be able to learn from and which each other. In order to prepare our students in the 21st century, we must teach about becoming more globally conscious about the

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