The Is Losing Her Mind

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Megan was losing her mind. The fact that she had discovered the existence of a whole world that hid right before her eyes shied in comparison to what actually occupied her every thought. Mark. Mark was killed and eaten. And she had shared food and bed with an animal of the same kind that killed her boyfriend. Her fiancé!!!! He was going to be her fiancé. Now, he’s probably somewhere howling at the moon as Sam Cowell had suggested. Let him. She cried herself to sleep. This time Cookie came to her aid, but she was little comfort in front of this. Aidan didn’t try to call her once. She had dialed his number countless times, often right before bed, only to hang up before the first ring.

That night, Megan woke in the middle of the night to the sound of cookie squealing outside. She went out in her thin nightgown, using her iPhone as a flash light to find a clocked figure holding the kitten at his mouth. Megan screamed in surprise. She didn 't see the figure moves, it was suddenly in front of her. The pale face was as white as paper, the eyes were red, and it had fangs. Megan dialed the last number on her outgoing calls list, but the vampire took the phone and twisted it in its hands like a block of butter.


Aidan was lying in bed finagling his plan when his phone rang. He immediately picked up to hear nothing but a smashing sound. Aidan rushes to the car. Megan’s apartment was empty. He only noticed Cookie hiding under the sofa, hurt. He went to bathroom, but it was…
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