The Is Our Legal System Effective And Just?

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"Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere," once said Martin Luther King Jr. Although this principle was once nothing more than a saying, throughout history it has slowly become a reality for humanity to face. When the legal system the people once relied on for justice has failed, law and order are no longer present. Instead, injustice and chaos runs rampant throughout society. As occurrences like these become more frequent, a question is raised toward our society: "Is our legal system effective and just?" In America, adolescents can be charged and sentenced as adults for violent crimes, regardless of their age. Sometimes, juveniles can receive very harsh punishments, such as life in prison, or even the death penalty. Is this fair? …show more content…

The Supreme Court also recognized this when it was "concluded that juvenile offenders are categorically less culpable than adult offenders" (Wood). Juveniles are definitely not considered adults in society. As a result, the federal government has placed various restrictions on certain rights that are not deemed as appropriate for juveniles to possess. Many people who support these restrictions share an opinion with Barbe Stamps, who emphasizes that "children are not permitted the same rights and responsibilities as adults because we recognize their inability to make adult decisions." These restrictions are usually lifted once the individual has reached the legal age, therefore being considered an "adult" in society. However, juveniles do not possess these restricted rights, such as the right to vote, the right to drink, and the right to smoke. Therefore, many argue that it is wrong for courts to sentence juveniles as adults because "the constitutional rights of children cannot be equated with those of adults" (Wood). Also, due to the fact that society does not consider juveniles as adults, the amount of liability placed on a juvenile is less when compared to an adults ' liability of their own actions. This is because it is assumed that the average adult is cognizant of his or her actions and the respective consequences, including possible repercussions. However, the average juvenile does not fit

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