Social Care Ethical Dilemmas

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The conflict is the annual budget is being finalized soon, and yet two projects are competing for roughly the same amount of money. However, only one of them can be done this year. As the CEO, Ms. New shall write a position paper describing her recommendation(s), based on ethical principles. Please use at least two (2) moral terms and support your position with at least two (2) outside resources. Please follow MLA formatting. First, in case study six, the situation is unique to cater to rural community HCOs. “The nation’s nearly 2,000 rural community hospitals2 frequently serve as an anchor for their region’s health-related services” (aha 1). All HCOs are striving to provide patients, quality, cost effective, easy care. However, small rural communities are often limited in funding thus scarce allocation of resources. Therefore rural “hospitals’ low patient volumes make it difficult for these organizations to manage the high fixed costs associated with operating a hospital” (aha 1). Thus, rural HCOs are not afforded an ethics committee to resolve conflicts for healthcare providers and administrators when an ethical conflict arises. Per William Nelson Ph.D., “50 percent of small rural hospitals have ethics committees or programs for providing ethics services” (243). The rural hospital ethics committee that does exist is usually non-traditional. Given that small rural HCOs have their peculiar set of circumstances their ethic committee obstacles are unique to five causes.

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