The Is The Body Of Governments Made Up Of Different Candidates

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In my opinion democracy is the body of governments made up of different candidates from all 50 states of equality, rights and privileges. The understanding of democracy is having knowledge of the rights and wrong of equality. Some decisions made by the government aren’t always pleasing. The government needs to make changes to accommodate not just partial communities, or three fourths of society but at least accommodate fifty- percent of society and then work up to making a worldwide changing law. It is impossible to please every individual but is it not hard to make equal laws. Making the world a better more stable place in the text of “My Pedagogic Creed” John Dewey states “child 's powers by the demands of the social situations”(p.g 1,second paragraph) which is stating the more enforcement students force the issue the better the outcome. Since students are being affected in this upcoming generation, parents tend to support and show less sympathy. The more the issues are unresolved the more issues come about, the longer it is prolonger the more destruction intellectually, emotionally, and physically individuals will be. Democracy is based around rights, and the government needs to extend more effort and knowledge, to get a better understanding and method of solving the world problems that the society encounters.
The relationship between education and democracy is to create curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students to experience and overcome segregation, to get
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