When You Think Of The Word Democracy You Think About A

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When you think of the word democracy you think about a politics. I am not a fan of politics at all but when someone says democracy, I think of a system of government that the population votes in a candidate through elected representatives. The schooling system does a good job noftying children that their vote counts. These are the rights that everyone has to fight about because they are very important. People always fight for the right to vote and their voice to be heard. The word democracy just does not mean that citizens are only being heard it also means that the democracy needs to listen to the voice. I also think that democracy means that not only are you able to vote and your voice to be heard it means we as a democracy have a huge…show more content…
There would be no improvement in the country if there was no democracy. I think that is it very important to have one because a country cannot thrive if others opinions are not adhered. Democracy is really what you put into it After reading Dewey/Counts my perspective of democracy has changed dramatically. Reading those articles, I was more informed of what the democracy is. John Dewey dedicated his whole career to try to make Americans stay away from the “State-Centric.” He really wanted to make sure people were educated on democracy. If people are not educated correctly everything can be a disaster. As stated before it is so important for the education system to make sure students are getting educated enough that they are confident enough to be able to vote or speak up in any type of situation. America is home of the free and I really think people need to realize that and make sure they know their rights and wrongs. “Thus Dewey sought to conceptualize democracy as a mode of being a way of life, or as a personality formation. He argued that even if all of the right external structures were in place if there was little to no prior development of the democratic moral ideals within persons that make up American Democracy, more and more of its people would devolve into mere empty-shelled democratic citizens.” (John Dewey) Dewey describes
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