The Is The Greater Sinner Of The Pair And Eve Fall From The Grace Of God Essay

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In Genesis III, the story of original sin is told, where Adam and Eve fall from the grace of God and into the everyday sufferings of mankind. It can be easy to interpret Eve as the greater sinner of the pair, and often, scholarly works of early and medieval Christianity, and other religions influenced by the Old Testament, has done that. One can see how this line of thinking is attractive to those analyzing Genesis as Eve is in fact the original perpetrator of the sin, and the one who gets Adam to enact the same sin as her, bringing about the end of human bliss with God. However, some in the theological community would argue that it is in fact Adam that is the greater sinner of the pair. Now while the reasoning in early Christianity can be fairly sexist in tone, it is very credible in that it uses direct biblical evidence as the structuring for its argument. The above would be an important conclusion to come to in the theological community, as it would remove centuries worth of blame on the woman when referring to original sin and the downfall of man in the eyes of God. In the following paragraphs, the historical perspective on the failings of Eve will be discussed, followed by the argument for why Adam is in fact the one to blame in this story. I will conclude on a personal analysis and reflection on which of the pair seems more to blame in the context of Biblical teachings, as well as what that conclusion would mean for women within these communities. We must look at
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