The Is The Highest Priority Of The Human Race

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Scientists should never stint the growth of human scientific advancement out of fear of a possible negative application of their work. Scientific advancement, in my opinion, exists outside of humanity and stands for what should be the highest priority of the human race. Many people today condemn the scientists that discovered nuclear fission for the way it was used during World War Two and for the threat it posed throughout the Cold War, but today, humanity utilizes nuclear fission for many applications apart from atomic bombs. Without fission, the human race would still fully rely on gas as the only source of consumable energy. Fission created the idea of “clean energy” as we have it today, significantly contributing to the future of the human race’s energy supply.
Many scientific breakthroughs that the human race has accomplished since the beginning of time have had some form of negative applications. Putting aside ecological repercussions for another conversation, various scientific breakthroughs have been a result of needing to kill and not be killed. During the times of the early humans, we needed a way to defend ourselves against the wild animals that could easily overpower us; from this, the Stone Age came, launching one of the most revolutionary and important periods in all of mankind. Without the Stone Age, humankind would have never been able to become the dominant creatures of today. Had the man that discovered the ability to stones and sharpen them into weapons

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