The Islamic Practice Of The Hijab

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For my ethnography project I chose to focus on the Islamic practice, of observing the Hijab. For the purpose of this paper I will refer to the scarf as “Hijab” which is the proper Arabic term. In this paper, I argue that hijab is a multifaceted ritualized action that has several different functions: It’s a symbol of piety for both the one who wears it and those who see her, an expression of modesty, a part of Muslim identity, liberation from mass media concepts of beauty and it can even be an argument against the objectification of women. Beyond all these reasons, however, most women who observe hijab do so because they believe that Allah ordered them to wear it. To further develop my arguments I will use an informant to gather supportive answers to the following questions, what is hijab? Why are so many people obsessed with it controversy? What does it mean, and why do women choose to observe hijab? Is Hijab about identity or is it about modesty? What actions should a women take to be an ideal Muslim women from everyone else? The setting for my ethnography study was Ottawa Main Mosque, located on Northwestern Avenue. The masjid (the Arabic word for mosque) is a place of worship for followers of Islam. The certain features present on the architectural design of this mosque are, the brick walls, the domed roof, and the highly visible minarets. On the interior of the masjid, there are two separate different sides with their own entrances, one for men and the other for women.
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