The Issue Of Childhood Obesity Essay

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Obesity is a health issue that we are going to discuss in this case. The target population is children are most prone to diabetes. The Center for Disease Control asserts that roughly 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and juveniles aged 2—19 years suffer from obesity. Since 1980, obesity frequency amid boys and teenagers has virtually tripled (CDC, 2012). Nurses in the present day face a significant challenge an ever growing trend in overweight and obese children, and they have more responsibility to advocate for help and even support them. Promotion of health is one of the most significant aspects of nursing and regardless of the circumstance a nurse finds himself in; they have the authority and power to incite change. The issue of childhood obesity is discussed throughout the paper including relevant programs and policies that advocate for ameliorating the pandemic. Public policy nonetheless ought to address the rising concern provoked by childhood obesity in the contemporary society. Building an advocacy platform centered on two operative childhood obesity aspects; The Power Up Initiative and Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) may do just that well. The prospective public-based advocacy platform in this essay will address what prerequisites to be incorporated in school as well as after-school plans to uphold health and deterrence of obesity. The program also requires a particular strategy on what and how to educate local nurses and pediatricians regarding
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