The Issue Of Income Inequality Essay

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One of the most deeply divisive issues in the United States is the question of income inequality: whether it exists and whether we are obliged to address it. The “American Dream” ideology which permeates most aspects of our daily life, influences an automatic response to income inequality to be that those at the bottom are not working hard enough and that those at the top have earned their wealth through hard work. These perceptions of poverty and inequality limit productive conversation that can lead to meaningful change, which at a purely moral level, could lift those up who are struggling and at an economic level, could incite growth and increase consumer purchasing power. The United States is perceived as a land of opportunity and upward social mobility to those with sufficient work ethic. This is promoted by our media and subconscious cultural values. Data over the past several decades, however, indicates that the United States is becoming a less equitable society and opportunity is shrinking due to social, economic, and cultural factors that perpetuate an insidious cycle. The inequality in our society must be understood and addressed as it has the potential to result in negative consequences for the economy and human population of the United States.. To begin, media representations of class perpetuate a public ignorance of the significant wage gap and the causes of poverty in the United States. In the 21st century, the media has a pervasive effect in nearly every

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