The Issue Of Income Inequality Essay

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Income inequality has slowly become an issue gaining momentum over the last thirty-five years, did we see it coming, I think so. It has always been an issues, only after decades of misleading political leadership spanning decades are people finally fed-up of being misled and lied to. The current election for the next president has brought about a voice of the American people to demand a change within our three failing political systems that govern America. Only this change, I believe is going to bring a country to its knees, the wealth holders are not, going to just step aside and willing unlock the scales of wealth that to encumber its poor, they are going to dig in and hold fast to what they have stolen and hoarded since the time of slavery. Broken at the foundation- Congress failed in its obligation to keep a close watch on the small increasing hikes in taxation, that repeatedly brought sanctions on the poor, that created a false redistribution of wealth in America, for the last three decades’ income disparity has reach an all-time high for selective groups of Americans. The government influenced income inequality and growth by shifting support to ambiguous government supported programs, that benefitted a selective groups of Americans by lessening their taxation rate, while snowballing the tax imposed on the poorest Americans. The riches 1 - 10% have accumulated an increase in wealth approximately 7.5 times over the normal working household in the US. “The article

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