The Issue Of Inequality

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Whats is inequality? According to Merriam-webster inequality is “the quality of being unequal or uneven: such as lack of evenness, social disparity, and disparity of distribution or opportunity…” The issue of inequality is a rising topic in light of current events surrounding rights of people in America, specifically minorities and the poor. It is controversial in the sense that there are a vast majority that have been targeted and discriminated against due to their demographics, beliefs, preferences, etc, resulting in negative impacts to the lives of those people, whereas another individual of differing traits may not have the same experience. This is where inequality comes in. But the true controversy is in the rebuttal of others who believe these reports are inadequate, claiming every man has equal opportunity, that crowd of individuals including those who may have never had to stomach the disheartening taste of inequality. This can be seen as adding insult to injury, …show more content…

One specific group of people that have been known to be oppressed no matter the race, religion, age, region, or sexual preference, are the poor. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or what you are capable of, throughout the ages it has been found that if you are poor you are under the rule and at the mercy of anyone with enough affluence to either help or harm you.

When things are not going well, most look for someone or something to blame, and that is a speculation as to why the poor feel they are poor. Blaming the rich for disadvantaging them, by advancing, claiming oppression. Not to vindicate the wealthy of guilt, as this claim may be valid in a great number of situations, however, it is not always the total and complete justification for an individual's poverty. The unequal opportunity amongst groups can significantly impede progression in societies as a whole, based on the intensity in which it was

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