The Issue Of Refugees Of The United States

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Eduardo Machado, Anna-Charlotte Intindola, Joseph D 'Alessio, Ashley Thomas
U.S. History I Honors
Mr. Dwyer
20 November 2015

A thought regarding the recent attacks in Paris, France: 129 people were killed by Middle Eastern extremists, and 433 others were rushed to the hospital, critically injured. The refugees residing in France come from countries in states of civil war, turmoil and great danger. Similar situations occur in the United States, the issue of refugees is extremely controversial. American citizens can all agree that growing up in the United States has taught us to stand united and have pride in our nation, but are we truly united? It appears not concerning fugitives in our country. To achieve progress in our country today, modern politicians need to overcome the Congressional Gridlock and arrive at a decision.
It is apparent that the age in which we live, given how advanced technology is today, allows for easier and faster communication than what has ever been available for humans. Growing up in an age of advanced technology has exposed us to the conditions and state of unity in other countries. Given this, it is profoundly ironic that Congress, an organized body, would have such difficulty in passing laws based on refugees throughout the nearly eight year tenure of Barack Obama. The continuous debates in Congress over the residence of refugees reveals that America, the country that once was the very definition of unity, is now

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