The Issue Of Revitalization In Newark

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Newark is going through a time of revitalization, not gentrification. These new companies create new job opportunities for the thousands of unemployed residents. There are also many empty acres of land to construct buildings on, so there won’t be a problem about displacement. However, in some parts of Newark, the issue of racial tension is rising. The upgrading that’s taking place in Newark is to support the need of the residents and decrease many issues occurring in our society. Up to 2000 Newark residents are unemployed due to factors such as age and education level. This process of revitalization in Newark can bring a huge decrease to the number of unemployed residents. After reading the article A Revival in Newark, but some worry …show more content…

Some may object that the changes occurring in Newark are signs of gentrification, and not revitalization. Gentrification is merely the act of changing the society and sometimes even displacing residents, resulting in isolation and depression. The reason why some people believe that gentrification is taking place in Newark is because of the racial tension. In the article A Revival in Newark, but some worry it ‘Not For Us’, it is written that “ Newark’s new chapter also has a racial tinge: The city has been dominated by its large African-American population after decades of white residents leaving for the suburbs, but many of the people drawn by the city’s resurgence are white.” Although most of Newark is populated by African-Americans, many whites are appealed by our city’s renewal by making our community better. This statement may include how different races/ethnicities are attracted to Newark, but it doesn’t mention how families get isolated because of the changes in the society. Because of this important detail, it makes a clear difference that Newark is going through revitalization. Because of the fine line between, revitalization and

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