The Issue Of Same Sex Marriage

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conclusions which declare that every generation after the Salient Generation (1928-45) is more in favor of same-sex marriage. The primary component here is that “younger generations express higher levels of support for same-sex marriage” (Mitchell). As far as reflecting the change in attitudes, the data shows that older generations “have become more supportive of same-sex marriage in the past decade” (Mitchell). In relation to Lewis and Gossett’s research, their research aligns in their claim that people “born in each decade tend to be more accepting of gay relationships and more willing to grant them legal recognition than those born the decade before” (Lewis and Gossett). The patterns of the research support the claim that the factor of …show more content…

The largest obstacle gay rights activists encounter the United States’ traditional religious beliefs. The decline of religious affiliation along with an increased support within the church have been invaluable to the increasing positive attitudes of the public towards gay marriage. Next piece of data connected in both data sets are partisanship and the effect of polarization on one’s personal ideology. Republicans held on to their traditional beliefs during Lewis and Gossett’s experiment. Interestingly, “the gap between Democrats and Republicans grew from 8 to 36 points, as support rose 25 points among Democrats and dropped 3 points among Republicans” (Lewis and Gossett) The increasing polarization caused partisanship and ideology to overlap because Republicans were forcing their traditional values on its political party. As liberal ideology increased immensely, Republican ideology counteracted their social movement within their political party. People had to choose between their political identification and ideology, and data shows that they stuck to their family values. PEW’s data display agree with Lewis and Gossett’s in that support for same-sex marriage now stands at 78% (22% increase from 2001) among self-described

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