The Issue Of State Income Tax

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The long-standing issue of states taxing military member’s income on top of federal income tax has a deep rooted resentment in today’s military. This issue has many paralleling reasons and different ways it can be portrayed. However, the taxation of military income on the state level, wherein the member might not possibly live in the state, is one of many disappointments in today 's society of the treatment of active and former military members. This is not just an issue solely pertaining to the statutes of state income tax, it is also a matter of principles. Principles are what this nation was founded upon, the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore to build on that, this issue is one of many having to deal with the direct treatment of military members. Lest not forget who protects the country and also asks little in return. That is why it is a matter of principle, America is at a crossroads in the world today. With the American involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan waning it is time to shift the focus to fixing certain issues at home. The recent Department of Veterans Affairs scandal was a huge disappointment, not to mention the wide margin of income disparity between military and private sector jobs. In the past there have been issues with the proper way to tax military income on the state level. In 1976, John H. Bowman, wrote an article attempting to bring to light these complications, and also certain restrictions on
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