The Issue Of Student Offending

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In general research arguably plays a vital role in policy and practice. Policy is defined as “A course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual” (Oxford Dictionary 2015). This is partially evident when a policy is proposed by Neil Selwyn to increase situational crime prevention activities on site and introduce classes or seminars to raise awareness of undergraduate offending. Though the research did however reveal practical ways of addressing student offending. For instance the need to amend student values on the acceptance of minor offending which was a trend throughout the data. As stated in the study minor offences may have taken place due to cultural transmission. Cultural transmission could be portrayed in gang involvement whereby crime is seen as a normality and is therefore passed on to other generations in this case the undergraduate population. Research is important as it allows academics to identify turning points and developments. From this, comparisons could be made before and after and pinpoint any key differences. Literature review as well as concepts and theories are elements of social research . This allows for the work of the researcher to be evaluated and understand the world under a specific perspective. In contemporary society few may take on the concept of the Americanisation of the world thus leading to a significant global influence. Linking with the study the researcher seems to over criticise the student population

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