16 And Pregnant Essay

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Being sixteen and Pregnant
Many studies show that MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” led to fewer teen births. It is thought to be that when teens tune into the show, they learn to practice safer sex. “16 and Pregnant” was named one of the best ways to campaign about the issue of teen pregnancy. The show was a way to attack the issue of teen pregnancy head on. Comparing to all fully developed countries, the U.S, has the highest rates of teen pregnancy. This was seen as a major problem to many that was aware of the problem. Even though the number of teen pregnancies was high, there was nothing really being done to expose the harsh reality of being a teen mom. Lauren Dolgen, President of MTV’s series development, felt as if the situation needed to be addressed. Her goal was to give teen moms out there a chance to have a voice and to tell their stories.
MTV is partially known for its sexual health campaign, “It’s Your Sex Life”. Having the show “16 and Pregnant” only felt right to Lauren. On June 11, 2009, the show aired its first episode. The show was straight forward and sugarcoated absolutely nothing. It portrayed the unglamorized truth of being a teen mom. That is exactly what Lauren felt like the world needed to have in order for the numbers of teen pregnancies to go down. She wanted to show that “happily ever after” doesn’t always happen to people in that situation. The reality is that these pregnant teenagers have struggles while trying to make ends meet. Many of the mistakes that

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