The Issue Of The Environment And Globalisation

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The past few centuries have endured a drastic change in the world in terms of human activities that it has resulted in a critical and significant change in our planet. For a better understanding, the process which brings all people and communities across the globe together, to experience a progressively universal, economic, social and cultural environment is called globalisation. Thus, by definition, the process of globalisation affects everybody throughout the world and also has a significant impact on the environment. As said by James Arvanitakis, “the issue of the environment and globalisation is the most pressing issue facing the world today”. Globalisation is thought to be a major cause behind the change of climate that is currently …show more content…

p. 1335-1343). The negative effects of industrialization and other forms of pollution caused by humans are known to everyone. This is especially true among scientific groups, who are mainly supporters of scientific evidence that prefer to stand by proven scientific data and statistics, as well as environmental groups who are champions of saving the environment along with planet earth. A major part of this awareness is caused by the detrimental change in climate that is currently being experienced. While natural pollutions, such as volcanic eruptions, do not cause such a huge effect on earth as they are few and far between, human pollution is a constant ongoing process, which is slowly eroding the life-giving abilities of our planet.
As with any stated opinion, with any point of view declared, there are always those who stand against it. It is the same in the case of climate change science. There are groups who do not agree with the science of climate change stating that, it is “highly uncertain.” “The impression of climate scientists on groups such as politicians, economists and others may be of confusion, disagreement, or discord” (Oreskes, 2004, p. p.1686). Such disagreements may be because of various reasons, such as, not wanting to adopt strong measures against reducing greenhouse gases and “corporations

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