Koch, Money, Denialism And Climate Change

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Koch, Money, Denialism and Climate Change. These last two election cycles have demonstrated the importance of climate change in relation to politics and the american people. What is unfortunate is that what seems to be a very crucial and real problem in our human survival, according to scientists, is being debated by people who do not have the scientific credentials to even discuss the science behind the reality of climate change. Those behind the skeptics, have funded a successful campaign against the reality of the facts and have introduce doubt into the sciences. As of recently, the Paris Climate Talks gathered several of world’s leading nations to discuss the effects and measures needed to be taken to combat the on going threat of…show more content…
Those who are the most vocal about debunking the science in the United States tend to be mostly to be coming from the right. A recent study by Politifact determined that a remarkable 8 out of 278 republican congress members believed that man made climate change is actually happening. While all other 270 republican congressman in 2014 having a large sense of skepticism against the issue. This is certainly alarming considering that the majority of congress in 2016 are republican and several key environmental issues in the United States require approval from congress. The most notable issue recently was one regarding the congressional approval of Keystone Pipeline XL, an extension of the disastrous environmental pipeline that goes from Texas and into Canada that was vetoed by President Obama. Many of those standing against the truth of climate change in congress include Jim Inhofe, a senator from Oklahoma. Jim Inhofe is arguably the posterboy in the fight for climate denialism. Ironically, Inhofe is in charge of the Senate committee on Environmental Policy, and is infamously remembered as the guy who “proved” that climate change is giant hoax by bringing in a snowball to the senate floor as justification, saying that “this ball of snow” definitely proves that “it is certainly cold outside”. When looking

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