The Issue Over Minimum Wage

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Today our society encounters multiple controversial issues that generations before hand would have never dreamed of having. A common controversy in America is the issue over minimum wage. The main issue over minimum wage is whether or not it should be raised or if it should stay the same. Personally I feel that it should remain the same. Minimum wage jobs were not created to become careers. Increasing minimum wage can lead to many things such as the loss of jobs, the increase of prices, and could also keep people from reaching their true potential. There have been many studies that support the argument that there will be a loss of jobs. According to a Chicago Tribune article, a 2006 study by David Neumark points towards the loss of jobs (Huppke n.p.). Another study by a Texas A&M professor by the name of Jonathan Meer found that minimum wage reduces the creation of jobs (Huppke) The whole point of minimum wage jobs is for one to start off at that, develop skills and work their way up out of minimum wage. Personally I feel that creating new jobs is a lot more important than a freshly employed McDonalds worker getting more money. A recent study at Purdue University showed that if minimum wage is increased to fifteen dollars an hour, which is what a lot of the people want, then the prices of goods will go up 4.3 percent (McClure). They also determined that if it went up to twenty-two dollars an hour then there would be a twenty-five percent increase in prices (McClure)

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