Essay about The Issue of Sexually Active Young Teens

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In America, a significant problem we should look at is regarding sexually active young teens. It seems that almost every teen is sexually active. They are having sex at such a early age. A question that rings in our minds, is do they truly even know what sex is? Growing up, Catholic teachings instructed myself to wait until marriage. They say premarital sex is a sin. Now, not only are churches teaching abstinence, but, schools as well. Premarital sex is a important growing problem: that usually results in a unwanted pregnancy, in some cases; forced abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, ultimate emotions of remorse. Sexual relations among teens is a problem not only for them, but possibly their children and America as a whole. Sex…show more content…
Teen pregnancy can be very hard not only on the teen and their child/children, but the teen’s parents that ultimately help in raising the child. Pregnancy is supposed to be a joy that someone gets to enjoy with their husband/wife. Not the stress of being pregnant in high school with no job or means of income. When I was a nineteen I got pregnant, and the thought of having to be able to support another when I almost couldn’t support myself was horrify. I could only imagine the way some fifth teen and sixteen years olds feel that our pregnant. In my case, it made me grow up. It also made me realize there is more to life than just focusing on you. This kind of outcome can vary on teens. Depending on age, maturity level, and the plans a teens has for oneself. Teen pregnancy is a life changing event. If only some teens would take the time to think about the outcome and situation that would come unprotected sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are also a big factor in premarital sex. Many teens don’t know they have an STD; therefore, they are still having sex and spreading the disease. Teens today seem to believe, that there is nothing wrong in having sexually intercourse with many different partners. A reason for a lot of STD’s is the misusing of contraceptives. Some teens think birth control can protect form STDs my coworkers daughter for instance, had sex with a friend, that had not know his last partner had HIV,

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