The Jane Austen

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Jane Austen was born in Hampshire, England on December 16, 1775. Her father was Reverend George Austen and her mother was Cassandra Leigh Austen. Jane was the youngest daughter of a large, close family. She had six brothers and one sister. She was especially close to her sister and brother, Cassandra and Henry. When Jane was eight, she and her sister were sent to Oxford and then Southampton. Because of an outbreak of typhus, a bacterial disease spread by lice or fleas, Jane nearly died. After this, both girls returned home. Jane and her sister then attended the Reading Ladies Boarding School, where they studied spelling, French, dancing, music and needlework. Jane continued to expand her knowledge after she left school. Under the supervision of her father, Jane learned to become the great author she is known as. In her teen years Jane started writing. She wrote poems, stories, and comical pieces for her family's entertainment. She consolidated several of these pieces of work into notebooks. As she continued to practice within her writing, Jane became proficient at mocking the over-romantic and Gothic styles of the eighteenth-century novels. In some of her earlier publishing, you can find humorous novels with deliberately misspelled titles, “Love and Freindship”; an ironic “History of England”; and the book, “Lady Susan.” In 1795Jane met Tom Lefroy, the nephew of their neighbors. According to her letters to Cassandra, Jane spent an immense amount of time with Tom

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