Jane Austen 's Mansfield Park

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From the beginning of her arrival to Mansfield Park, Fanny Price is seen as an introvert with high morals and utter goodness throughout her character. Though, she is the heroine of this novel, Fanny constantly blends into the background due to her timidness. Form the beginning Fanny is shy and silent in Mansfield Park by Jane Austen; but she ends up being the only character that ultimately gets what she truly wants without having to go through many unwanted shenanigans of speaking. By showing the arrival of the silent Fanny Price into Mansfield Park and contrasting her timid demeanor throughout the novel with the charismatic personalities of Henry and Mary Crawford, Jane Austen manipulates the audience into sympathizing appropriately to understand the love Fanny has for Edmund, while also helping the readers learn that charm can turn out to be superficial, while silence can be golden.
Fanny Price, Mary Crawford, and Edmund Bertram are an ongoing love triangle throughout Mansfield Park. When the Crawford’s arrive in town, Mary 's charming attitude about life draws Edmund closer and closer to her, while Fanny 's quiet devotion to Edmund fades slowly into the background. Austen shows many differences between Mary and Fanny. In Chapter IV, Miss Crawford desires the company of Fanny, because of her ongoing boredom without the Bertram sisters ' presence in Mansfield Park. In this chapter, Fanny and Mary stroll throughout the garden and Fanny is completely taken with astonishment

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