The Japanese American Internment Camps

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After long research on the“ Japanese-American Internment Camps” I learned many things I never knew. To begin with before this class I never even had one small clue the country where I live in can do such thing. Most people view this country as a blessed place to live in including myself, not knowing such harm leaders in this country have cost to many. People often think of horrible historical events and judge many not knowing many of those events are repeating in today’s life. I judged many people and even countries like Germany for events that ruined thousands of lives, know knowing the country I live in has done the same. The research I did linked to making connections with certain critical thinking blocks. The first Critical …show more content…

I believe a way to avoid “Black & White thinking” would have been to alter security and awareness. There could have been smarter decisions. For example why discriminate all, when we clearly know not every single Japanese was thinking to attack. Why not be more strict in public places like, transportations sites or crowded public places. Just like when Osama Bin laden was assassinated the U.S luckily didn’t discriminate everyone who was Arabian. IN other words, think of better solutions before going to extremes. “Reliance of authority” also played a role. In this scenario everyone followed ex president Roosevelt’s decisions. “Reliance of Authority” is when you believe everything someone is saying is accurate and beneficial. In this case Roosevelt’s order was followed by everybody. U.S citizens wanted the Japanese away. Many people believed this was a great Idea because It was coming from the government. I don’t believe this true. Teachers, priests, or even the government may share ideas that are not agreeable and should not be followed but questioned. “Hasty Moral Judgement” played a similar role to “Labeling”. Hasty moral judgement can be described as being prejudice. Simply what the United States did. Giving the opinion that the Japanese living here may attack us simply because of their race and culture. As we know something very unfair and exaggerated. Why judge someone we don’t know a thing about other than their race? Especially when many of

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