The Japanese American National Museum

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The Japanese American National Museum is located in the heart of Little Tokyo, surrounded by many ramen diners, mini malls, and japanese boutiques. The museum opens up chronologically, starting off by displaying the migration of the Japanese with their aspirations to start a new life in America. After many displays of progress and struggles, the bombing of Pearl Harbor resulted in Japanese evacuation and eventually the internment of the Japanese as the United States entered World War Two. After many emotional and disheartening displays of life in the internment camps came the reparations and apologies from the American Government. In the last gallery there was pictures and displays of the modern era Japanese arts and culture. While in the Japanese American National Museum, I was observing the historical artifacts and analyzing the readings and I felt this tense intangible atmospheric pressure throughout the museum. The museum definitely gave me whole new perspective of the japanese living in America during World War Two. Something that history textbooks in America won’t cover to in depth, especially showing the other side of history. A display that caught my attention were the pictures that showed daily life inside the incarceration camp. According to the display of the photos, “cameras were forbidden in the camps but it became clear that the Japanese Americans posed little or no threat to American security, camp administrators looked the other way when it came to
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