The Jealousy Assignment : The Crucible

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The Verbal- Visual Essay Assignment: ‘The Crucible’ Jealousy and lying are two natural behaviors, that if not controlled, may spiral a situation out of control. In Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’, Abigail Williams was the antagonist that wanted to destroy the life of Elizabeth Proctor. Miller’s previous works, such as ‘Death of a Salesman’, follow the theme of the flawed ‘American Dream’, which states that hard work will lead to prosper in life. Similarly, in ‘The Crucible’, the Proctors worked hard throughout their lives, but despite all their efforts Abigail William’s envy and her talent of averting trouble puts John Proctor in a complicated situation; thus resulting in hardships faced by Salem. The moral integrity of John Proctor was contested. Either he could confess to save all or continue to lie. Consequently, ruining his reputation or having the weight of his friends’ deaths on his shoulders. William Shakespeare once stated, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”. This illustration corresponds to that quote, reveling how on the outside Abigail and John Proctor seem innocent, whereas on the inside, they are hiding lies and are conflicted with their own issues and intentions. The fire between John and Abigail, not only ruined their own relationship, but it figuratively and quite literally burnt those around them; which is represented by the burning of the page. Furthermore, their lust caused the erratic side of Abigail to come through. Abigail’s manipulative nature
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