The Jehovah 's Witness Religion

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Jehovah’s Witness Religion The Jehovah’s Witness religion is a well-known religion in the United States that began in the 19th century. Jehovah’s Witness is categorized under the Christian denomination; whose followers believe that others have misinterpreted the true teachings of Jesus. This religion is very heavy on the emphasis of spreading their faith around to the whole world. Around fifty years ago the Jehovah’s Witnesses numbered fewer than 100,000 members. Currently there are a million of them around the world. They don’t have churches like other religions; instead they have what they call as “Kingdom Halls.” These halls are normally rented buildings: an auditorium, a gymnasium, or a simple building. Inside they usually consist of: chairs for the audience, a lectern for the speaker, a library, and an area providing religious literature. There are no crosses displayed inside or outside of their Kingdom Hall. Each Kingdom Hall has an assigned territory for which it is responsible to preach, and each publisher has an assigned neighborhood. Stats are taken and looked at on how the witness succeed in their duty. Their congregations often are very small, normally less than two hundred members. Commonly half of the Witnesses used to be Catholics or Protestants. The Witnesses beliefs undergo that the world is split up into two parts: a heavenly part and an earthly part. “In other words the official Witness teaching is that mankind on earth, whether it is aware of the fact or…
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