The Jewish Concentration Camp On The Camp

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Woke up & had breakfast in the hostel. Went to the train station and met our tour guide, then headed to Dachau. Dachau had mixed emotions. The Jewish concentration camp left many speechless. Words could not describe how it felt to walk through the camp, where so many people was murdered. Walking to the furnace I could not fathom what actually took place. I never knew all of the symbols each prisoner wore and had no clue there was a different symbol for everyone in the camp. Seeing the original prisoner suits was amazing yet sad. The status of the mangled bodies will be imbedded in my memory and I will never forget what the wall stated which was “Never again.” The solidarity jail cells was eye opening. The different places for each religion…show more content…
The building was original all the way to the wall color and chandeliers. After that had to meet back at hostel to have a meeting with Dr. O’Neil and Dr. Martin to say goodbyes. Prague 5/26/15 Dr. O’Neil is now the professor for the rest of our trip. Long train ride and the ATM would not work fortunately we found one that would work. Czech money was confusing but got the hang of it. I did like it because everything was cheaper than euros. A great example for the change rate was 2,000 = 80$. Walked to hostel, tons of hills, Hostel was really nice, all the girls was in the same room, went and got dinner then went to bed Prague 5/27/15 Breakfast at Starbucks & McDonalds, free walking tour with a really tall young guy but learned important history of Prague. He lead us around to many sites that included: Old Town Hall, astronomical clock, Prague city hall, wenceslass square, municipal house, Jewish museum and then we had a snack of fries and hotdogs. The tour was extremely cold. Mandy had coke spilt all over her. Went to the Jewish area & saw the cemetery learned how they stacked the caskets because they were running out of space. Chicken skewer for dinner, one cool thing that we saw was the being born again in the Prague Old Town. It was interesting and looked like a big metal statue. Following, students napped and Pub-crawl that I did not attend nor did Allison. Jenna and Avery came
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