The Jewish Faith And Culture

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In the United States of America, there are many different ethnicities and religions, brought together to form a blended society. One of these groups, Jewish Americans, are unique, as they are both a religious group, but also a cultural group. Jewish people in America make up a mass majority, being one of the leading faiths in the country. Knowing and understanding how their religion effects their everyday life can help one to understand their customs and be respectful. One can learn about these things be examining and exploring the most relevant aspects of the Jewish faith and culture, and this can lead to one being able to positively use this knowledge in their careers, especially if one is a teacher.
Historical Background
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Part of what creates that success is the idea of giving back” (Klein, 2016). Klein’s comment further supports why Jewish people tend to be very successful.
Currently, according to Staff (2008), “Jews are the highest-earning religious group in the United States, with 46 percent of the working population earning a six-digit figure every year, according to a study released this week” ( Staff, 2008). This shows that they, as a group, have a great economic standpoint in America.
Political History:
In the United States of America, politics play a huge role in many different cultural groups. However, for Jewish Americans, their involvement has been more so than other groups. According to Schafer, (2015), Jewish people play a large role in American politics (p. 317). For example, there are many Jewish elected officials throughout America. The political history of Jewish people in America is unique because Jewish American are known as belonging to the Democratic political party in America. Schafer, (2015), said “Jews as a group are not typical in that they are more likely than the general population to label themselves Democrat” (pg. 313). He goes on to state that this has been a trend for the last 10 presidential elections (Schafer, 2015).
Jewish people were known for being very socially active in political issues in their home countries and they continued with this when they

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