The Journey Of Life And The Afterlife

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I am Bisexual, there I said it, I am not afraid to say it and I will be saying it throughout this entire narrative. I am not afraid to be who I am, and no one else should be afraid to be who he or she is either. I have been told being gay is a "sin", I have also been told people like me are going to go to hell, and I have always question these statements. If people are going to go to hell for being their true selves, then shouldn’t heterosexual, Christians, be going to go to hell as well, because they to are only being themselves? This as you can see creates a compacted series of questions about life and the afterlife, which isn’t something I want to get into. I’m instead going to take you on the journey of who I am as a person, and how I …show more content…

I am bisexual; meaning I am attracted to both males and females. When I got comfortable with whom I am in terms of my sexuality, I figured that it was time to tell my friends, so they know who I actually am as a person. I was nervous about telling my friends, which is normal when exposing such an intimate about your life, but it was my time to ‘come out’. I started to tell my friends, one by one, and so far all of the ones that I have told were and are warm and accepting of my newly defined self. Knowing that my friends are accepting of my sexuality makes me feel loved and safe. I understand not everyone is accepting of the LGBTQIA+, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an open mind. So after telling my friends and they being accepting of me, I figured it was time to tell my parents. My parents had for sometime known something was off about my sexuality, but they never really said much about it. When I finally got around to telling my parents, I was anxious, but I kept thinking what could go wrong? I had the worst and best case scenarios playing through my head in anticipation leading up to the day. I should probably take a moment here and explain something about my family dynamic. I was not raised in a heteronormative household; two homosexual men raised me. You read that right; two dads raised me. This may leave you with the question why was I so nervous, because hey they’re gay so why would they not accept me

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