The Journey Of Life Has Changed My Life

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The journey of life has thought me to be honest and loyal. As I arrive in the United States of America in the 2013, it was a dream come through. I made a promise to my parents that I will be a good child and stay out of trouble. It was tears of joy when it was time to say good bye to my parents. On my arrival at the Dallas airport, my uncle was there to welcome me and took me home. On our way home I couldn’t believe my eyes that, the things I see on television am now having physical visual of them. After a month in United State of America I applied for a community college because I didn’t want to over stay at home since I was in my third year in University in my country. But after my placement test I was accepted into the school.…show more content…
Even I believe in hard work pays but this work is hard and is not paying. After three months of working at the gas I saw there was no improvement in my paycheck and my manger keeps reducing my work hours for no reasons. So my love for the work began to fade away and decided not complain about it anymore because the more I complain the more it get worse. The only option was to quit the job without informing my manager in case I get a new job that pays well. Something unbelievable happened at work which changed my situation. After a long and busy night shift. Mostly I inform my manager before I clock out, for him to know am not going home with something which is not mine. As soon as I entered my manager’s office, he told me to sit down. I was a little nervous because mostly when my manager asks me to sit for a conversation that’s, there is a problem or a report from a customer. My manager told me a customer called to report a missing wallet and in case If I have seen it I should give it to me. I made it clear to my manager that I have no ideal of the missing wallet he is talking about. After I left my manager’s office I decide to use the restroom before I leave for my house. After I was done with what I came to the restroom to do, I decided to change the trash can in the restroom since It was almost full. As I pull the trashcan and about to pull the trash bag out of the can, I saw a black wallet. I decided to
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