The ‘Joy Luck Club’ Was Formed By Four Chinese Women Who

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The ‘Joy Luck Club’ was formed by four Chinese women who moved to the US in an effort to follow the American dream just like many others. Every week they met to play mahjong and tell stories to one another. What sets these women apart from the typical immigration story, is that each of them went through agonizing experiences before moving to the US. Because of their past they all wish to raise their children without the mistakes and faults that they committed, but history inevitably repeats itself through their daughters. The mothers’ experiences have a common theme of peril and portrayal as victims and finally success because their daughters are happy with their lives. The stories of the mothers and their daughters are organized by …show more content…

At 15 years old she had been given to a wealthy woman as a bride for her son. The deal was set up by a matchmaker and Lindo was to provide the wealthy woman with grandchildren. However, once Lindo met her new husband she realized that he was a very young boy. He was very immature and refused to sleep with her even though he knew he was supposed to produce grandkids. He would lie to his mother and say that Lindo either refused him or that they had slept together many times and it was her fault that she was not getting pregnant. Linda devised a plan and claimed that if their marriage was not broken a curse would kill her husband. She was then able to leave. The next narrator is Waverly, Lindo’s daughter, who recounts being used by her mother as a child to show off. She had been a chess champion but quit in spite of her mother and never played again. She even married a Chinese man to please her mother and had a daughter but they got divorced. Her current fiancé was a caucasian man which her mother disapproved of, but the reality was that Lindo believed that her daughter was ashamed of her while her daughter believed that she could never please her. They have a tearful heart to heart in a hair salon as they express their feelings. The next story is Ying Ying’s, one of the mothers, and how she fell in love with a very handsome man as a young woman. They got married and had a son, but that did not stop him from being a womanizer. Ying-Ying knew about his

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