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The Joy of Bach The Baroque period was filled with the new idea that every issue had two sides. Great thinkers and masterminds left behind the idea that the world was either god- influenced or science-influenced. Most people embraced this notion, with the exception of a few. Johann Sebastian Bach was one of these few people. Bach, although the greatest composer of the Baroque period, led a life based on tradition and past influence, which left him virtually ignored for many years after his death. Bach was born in 1685 in Germany amongst the turmoil of national reconstruction. He lived a quiet life with little musical influence, until the death of his parents at age ten. After their death, Bach’s older…show more content…
Bach also never published any of his music because he thought it was less than perfect. He wrote music for his enjoyment and self-fulfillment. He never attempted to make himself known through his musical works (Herz 1). Bach’s peers did not understand his desire to preserve the past; therefore, they did not embrace his musical genius. His musical peers used the new dynamic and elaborate idea of art expression in their works. They experimented with new styles and forms in their works. Bach’s perfection in his music was ignored because no one understood it. Bach, unlike his peers, chose to remain with traditional sounds from the past when he composed music. Because of his modesty and the lack of interest from the people around him, Bach’s creative works existed without influencing the world around him for many years (Herz 2). The only place that appreciated his works was the Lutheran church. Bach’s chorales and cantatas held great admiration in the religious world. A devout Lutheran, Bach remained true to the past musical heritage of his church. For him, the old Lutheran ways were perfect and sacred. This notion comes through in his perfectly arranged church music. The harmonies and melodies are exact matches. There is little room for improvement in Bach’s church compositions. Although Bach dearly loved the

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