The Joys of Motherhood Essay

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THE CHANGING PARADIGMS OF THE LOVE LAWS The Joys of Motherhood, by Buchi Emecheta, describes the hardships of life in West-Africa from the perspective of Nnu Ego. The novel reveals the byproducts of development and colonialism in West-Africa; byproducts that affect society’s hierarchy of gender and subservience. Through the Englishman’s intervention in West-Africa, the economic well-being of families is greatly restored. However, this supposed positive change also casts many negative circumstances, in which the gender roles of male and female become more fluid. The shifting of gender roles within The Joys of Motherhood is a direct consequence of the colonialism and economic development of West-Africa. This traditional alteration as a…show more content…
Colonialism delivered a new economic and social order to Lagos, in which the role of both men and women has changed. Has Nnu Ego found an outlet to the suppressed life that women currently live in Lagos? She watches her husband perform the daily chores of a supreme woman, one with divine power over men. Nniafe is laundering clothes for Mrs. Meers, feeling no subservience or regret. Nnu Ego begins to anticipate the changes in the traditional culture, as a direct result from colonial influence. The economic shift, that was brought over by the colonists, had one very impacting side effect: with money, comes independence. She shift in gender roles began to dwell in Nnu Ego's mind, as she anticipated a future where women will be of prime importance, rather than simply being used to serve their superiors and collective society at the expense of themselves. By stimulating your own economic well-being, Nnu Ego can lived a self-fulfilled life, one without the influence of men. Nnu Ego is envisioning a world that will allow her to be more loved. If she manages to provide an adequate amount of money for herself and her family, they will love her more. If she can become more individualistic, they will love her more. In this scenario, in which Nnu Ego forecasts a world where individual finances dictate who should be loved,
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