The Judge's House by Bram Stoker

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Literary genre refers to specific types of literature by classifying and analyzing pieces of fictional work. Also to be known as a theoretical construct, including a known selection of elements and functions of all stages of literary work. Examples of genre are love stories, science fiction, comedy, horror, drama, thriller, fantasy, adventure, action, action, crime, historical, political, and romance are just some types of genres. Traits of gothic include supernatural elements, horror and terror, violence, mystery, and suspense. The word “Gothic” came into meaning during the beginning of the eighteen century. Gothic literature is defined as an English novel or film that contains elements of gothic in the text. Which the stories in the novels are indigenous to the human artistry, can include secrets of nature and also human behavior. That includes unexplained events during the day or night. In some cases it has been known to have visions of hallucinations. For seen of unrelated human activities that can relate to super natural events. As the book by Jack Morgan suggested that in the tradition of gothic and horror it is a way of our mental life that can contain out of the ordinary events, which our physiological constitution is more notably implicit. In that saying the horror is actually a way of bio-horror which involves the negotiations of rationality, looming that concludes of rational mapping. Supernatural may vary from kindly spirits to an eerie atmosphere like a
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