The Jungle Essay

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The Jungle Essay In the book, Out of Many, 8th ed. written by John Faragher shows what America was like in the 19th century, such as the unions and factory work. First of all, the organizations such as the meatpacking industries, or the fertilizer department, failed to properly mark hazardous areas, compensate for working hours, or treat their workers fairly. They also worked the workers for ten to twelve hour days, so the workers created unions to get an eight-hour work day. The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, is a fictional story about a couple who are Lithuanian immigrants that travel to America to find a better future, and get married. However, they end up finding that the American dream isn’t very realistic. The unions and …show more content…

However, “Jurgis had come there, and he thought he was going to make himself useful, and rise and become a skilled man; but he would soon find out his error-- for nobody rose in Packingtown by doing good work.” (Sinclair, Upton. 2003, 63) The unions that were created were to prove themselves, and to show that they deserved better working conditions, higher pay, and less hours. In The Jungle the unions are portrayed as and secretive and you had to pay to join one. However, Jurgis was skeptical and he thought that as long as he had a job and got paid. Then, one day a man slipped and hurt his leg and Jurgis had to cover what that man had usually done. He found what he saw disturbing, calf fetuses, cows with broken legs, and animals that have died of disease packed with the rest of the meat. He soon realizes why people might have laughed at him for having so much faith in America. Meatpacking was a very dangerous job and “...even the best-placed wage earners , the new workplace could be unhealthy, even dangerous. Meatpacking produced its own hazards--the dampness of the pickling room, the sharp blade of the slaughtering knife, and the noxious odors of the fertilizer department.” (Faragher et al. 2008, 416) The Jungle shows how often people got hurt and how the people were upset with these type of workplaces. Also, the American machines ran faster than anywhere else in the world, so if the workers couldn’t keep up or end

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