The Katha Upanashads of the Vedas Essay

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The Katha Upanashads of the Vedas

Understanding the Katha was at first a bit of a challenge for me, after I got through the first few paragraphs, I began to understand the deeper meaning that they try to convey. After I finished them I was filled with feelings of joy, understanding, complacency, and most importantly an overwhelming sense of unity. I know that to truly understand them in their entirety, it would require not only reading them countless times but also living every word of them. The first paragraph was interesting to me in the fact that Vajasrabasa believed he could get away with only sacrificing the most useless of his possessions. The fact that his son, Nachiketa was able to understand the sacred texts more than …show more content…

Next Death speaks of being “taught by a teacher who knows the Self and Brahman as one, a man leaves vain theory behind and attains to truth.” This I find very interesting because, I to believe that all forms of life are different facets of the large diamond that Hindu’s would call Brahman. Knowing this is one of the first things that you must realize, as you begin your path to enlightenment. The Hindu idea of the Self, being separate from the body, doesn’t seem to be that hard of an idea to grasp. The human body is simply the form that the Self has been given to take in this little bleep of time. The mind though has a tendency to be overtaken by the senses and forgets the true Self. To find ones true Self again one must follow the path of meditation. OM is Brahman, know this and any man can obtain his desires. OM is the highest symbol, the supreme syllable. Just hearing this sound brings about a feeling of peace and serenity. What is it about OM that gives me that feeling? I can’t be sure I know that the deep vibrating brings calm but beyond that I can’t explain it. With the help of OM and meditation one can free oneself from desire, with his mind and senses purified, he beholds the glory of the Self and is without sorrow. It also talks about the Self being all-pervading and supreme, which to me makes perfect sense it is simply just reinforcing the

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