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Huston Smith, explores, the various processes in which man could transcend the austere and lucid form of being to a more enlightened one. Smith, explores this notion, in the context of religion, and mainly the various religious traditions and practices that attempt to enlighten and save one's soul from the allencompasing, worldly, goods and desires. Smith’s arguments, tremendously, revolve around the notion of ‘transcendence’ and the important role of religion in facilitating the enlightenment of the mind and soul. This notion of transcendence is evident in almost all religions (however, mainly South Asian) i.e. Hinduism (Moksha) and Buddhism (Nirvana) these form of transcendence do not only differ in terms of the linguistically, but most importantly, in the ways at which they can be achieved. I believe that Hinduism does in fact facilitated the move from imperfection to perfection, however I would like to emphasises the notion that various other forms religion may play a similar role in transforming one's soul for the better. Therefore, in this paper I will explore the inevitable and vital role of religion (hinduism) in transforming one's soul, whilst simultaneously providing that basis to other …show more content…

Religion also has the ability to change one’s life through various practical means such as one’s state of mind and the way they choose to interact with other beings. It is evident that religion creates as sense of ease and belonging and gives people the sense that they possess power and that they are never alone all. These various aspects do in fact change one's state of mind and the way they choose interact with others as it makes people more willing to forgo their egos and selfish desires and live a life veered towards serving others and therefore I affirming Smith’s notion that Hinduism (religion) does in fact possess the power the move a person from being imperfect to (semi)

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