The Key Minds That Made Chemistry Essay

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When was Chemistry invented so to speak? Well the answer is that no one truly knows the exact date. It was thought be discovered around the time of 3,000 B.C., but was considered more of an art at the time rather than a science. Anyway the history of Chemistry is long and has no end in sight, so rather than try and fit that in a paper let’s discuss some of the key minds that made Chemistry what it is today. Lets start with Joseph Gay-Lussac; he was a French physicist that was born in 1778. In 1801 he did a study, which resulted in the publication of what is today called “Charles Law.” The reason for the law being named after Charles and not Joseph is due to the fact that Jacques Charles originally came up with this theory 15 …show more content…

Berzelius was not a man of one talent though; he also applied his skills to mineralogy, where he classified minerals by the chemical composition. What made this man who he was, was based on his synthesis threw the process of dualism, which is a line of thinking that can be traced back to his or Davy’s original electrochemical investigation. All in all this man made a huge contribution to the history of chemistry and what we use in todays day and time. The third chemist I want to refer to be Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, the man who charted the first periodic table. Although it had undergone many modifications it is probably the most used tool in science classrooms around the world to this date. Dmitri was a Russian chemist who was born in 1834 in Siberia. In Heidelberg he made his first mark in chemistry history by helping create the principle for critical temperature for gas while working with a chemist that goes by the name of Gustav Kirchhoff. But back to the periodic table, it was first presented in The Journal of Russian Physical Chemistry, after Dmitri showed the table to the Russian Chemical Society. He may not have many achievements to show for his efforts, but he does have one of the most important of all time to this day, and probably for thousands of years to come. The forth chemist I would like to

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