The Keystone Xl Pipeline Is The United States National Security Risk

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The second reason for the immediate approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline is the United States national security risk that results from the dependence on foreign oil, lack of jobs and supply of oil. The United States has been dependent on the unstable Middle East for the past few decades as one of their limited sources of oil. It is a necessity to empower ourselves and relieve the constraints of OPEC off the United States. OPEC, the organization that controls the oil prices and how much oil is produced, has members that are the largest oil producers in the world and most of them reside in the Middle East. OPEC can lower the production of oil, which will result in an increase in oil prices. Everything economically revolves around the price of oil, if oil prices go up consequently so will the price of many products that will affect every day citizens. If the United States allows the Keystone XL Pipeline to be approved, then the United States will have access to the world’s third largest oil reservoir. The United States would not have to rely on the Middle East for energy and would have access to a constant supply from an ally of theirs. This would greatly put the United States in a better position to deal with problems at the world scale. To frequently the United States has had to deal with a situation in a manner that goes against their foreign policy. Many of the nations the control large amounts of oil tend to be corrupt. This makes the United States have to do business and

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