Essay on The Khmer Rouge Era and the Power

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At least every Asian country with a Buddhist community has experience some sort of civil war, foreign invasion, or systematic poverty and tyranny. During the Khmer Rouge era, Buddhism was nearly destroyed. Monks were tortured, killed and forced into lay life. Buddhist temples were destroyed and used as a prison area. After the defeat of the Khmer Rouge, Buddhism remained repressed within Cambodia. Some Buddhist monks or leaders responded with forms of social engagement. That being said, Maha Ghosananda is one the monks who played a key role in rebuilding Buddhism in Cambodia after the fall of the Khmer Rouge. His work, Dhammayietras was the first program to set up for peace and non-violence in Cambodia. The Dhammayietras consisted of peace …show more content…

A great example is the ordination of the tree ceremony where robes are placed around the trees and then the trees become sacred. If any individual attempts to cut down a tree this would bring religious shortcomings for that him or her. Moreover, “tree ordinations, in short, are a form of upaya (Pali), or expedient means, used to wake people up, not to spiritual realization but to the cause of immediate suffering and ways of relieving it.” To live a long life without suffering an individual must refrain greed, hatred and ignorance. Environmental Monks saw deforestation as forms greed and wealth. When trees are cut down this disrupt the environment and the villagers are unable to farm for the land is infertile. That is why Phrakhru urges people to value the forest holistically. Case in point, “he considered treating nature in a similar fashion as humans a matter of skillful means.” In short, environmental monks are trying to repress the grief of humankind. Buddhist monks are taking the necessary actions to ease the sufferings of all people in society.

Buddhism in a way encourages economic growth. This helps to raise the standard of living of the people. When people are doing good things for others and being happy that they are prospering this called development aspect of Buddhism. In a sense, Buddhism encourages honesty and respects the responsibility of one’s action. Buddhism supports people to appreciate each other and to love all. Engaged Buddhism is all about

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