The Khmer Rouge 's Ideology

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The development of the Khmer Rouge 's ideology was the result of modern and ancient roots, engineered and perpetuated by its leader, Pol Pot (Saloth Sar). As a notorious force throughout the late 20th Century, Pol Pot 's idealisms for a socialist Cambodia were manifested in the genocide and mass devastation of the country. The origin of his ideology stemmed from a series of factors all of varying importance in the final determination of his policies. His context and exposure to Marxist doctrine and his refinement of this doctrine, stemming from Maoist, Buddhist and Khmer beliefs lead to his theory of a classless, agrarian society sustained by its own labour productivity. The Communist Utopia philosophy itself was fuelled by ultra-nationalism, self-discipline and radical egalitarianism and thus, resulting from the combination of his collective beliefs, derived an envisaging of a Cambodian "super generation" lead by his totalitarian rule.

To a significant extent, the development of the Khmer Rouge 's ideology was the reflection upon and attempt at reconstructing the nationalistic trends and systematic operation of the highly powerful Khmer Empire that existed between 800 and 1450 AD. The Khmer Empire was a formidable Kingdom during its period of success and expansion and throughout its period of dominance, was the largest pre-industrial urban centre in the world. The Empire 's sustained prominence could be strongly attributed to its distinguished "God king" Jayavarnman VII,

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