The King Took Flight, By Timothy Tackett

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When the King Took Flight, by Timothy Tackett, describes the events leading up to and directly following Louis XVI’s attempt to flee the country. During the time of the Revolution and the implementation of the Constitution by the National Assembly, Louis XVI and the royal family are convinced to flee the country to Austria and from there work on bringing power back to the Monarchy of France. It took years of planning to successfully determine how the royal family was going to complete the impossible task of leaving Paris, France without being detected. When the royal family did make the attempt to flee they were halted by the people and sent back to Paris. The decision to send the royal family back was based upon the creation of the National Assembly, the oath to the Constitution, and the calling of the National Guards, showing who the people of France were loyal to. The loyalty to the National Assembly and sending the royal family back to Paris posed the question of how Louis XVI and the royal family should be charged, creating long-term ramifications of doubt toward the Monarchy and France. The decision to halt the king was significant because it showed the people were loyal to the oath taken to honor the National Assembly and the Constitution. The Estates General became known as the National Assembly because the social orders within France were now represented under one body of government. When the king took the oath to honor the Constitution and the National Assembly

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