The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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In Saudi Arabia I am sure that there is probably more than one language spoken there but the number one language is Arabic. Did you know that the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia has that biggest continuous desert, in the world. Saudi Arabia is a country located in the Middle East surrounded by water, and desert. Saudi Arabia is also known for being the 15th largest export economy in the world. Saudi Arabia is an amazing country. And I hope you enjoy these pages filled with more wonderful facts about the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Because Saudi Arabia is such a wonderful place to live it is well populated with 28,160,273 people living there. Education is important to Saudis that live there. In the education process kids go to 2 years of …show more content…

Saudi Arabia tends to reach super high temperatures. In the summer more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit each day. In Saudi Arabia sand deserts stretch for miles upon miles. With the sandy deserts when wind picks up they have some of the worst sandstorms. Bordering countries like Iraq and Oman have some of the same weather. With the intense heat the people still are not allowed to wear anything that snows any part of the body. Modesty is up most importance in Saudi Arabia. Clothing is always modest. In Saudi Arabia modesty is of utmost importance. Men usually were is a thobe ( an ankle length garment that is worn over long pants) and a amamah or ghutra. The amammah is a headdress and a ghutra is a headdress is a headdress for special occasions.then they were a bisht (cloak). Women were a face covering veil and a abaya or black cloak over a tailored dress or jeans and a t-shirt. Tight fitting or revealing clothing is not allowed in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the 15th largest export economy on the Earth. Saudi manufacturers Oil, Petroleum, and Natural Gas. Their economic strength is one of the coolest things about Saudi. They export a lot of what they make and make a lot of money doing it. They also export special and normal Vehicles around the Globe. Saudi Arabian history is pretty cool since one major event just happened in August of 2015. It was about women

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